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Joining Together for Clear Vision

Lions partnering and volunteering together! The Phoenix Asian American Lions, Leos and Cubs Club, The Phoenix Phil-Am Lions Club and the Barangay Lions Clubs sorting, cleaning and reading eyeglasses preparing them for upcoming medical missions. We taught our young leaders how to use the lensometers which read the prescriptions on the glasses. The glasses are possible because of the generosity of Walmart donating four full pallets of eyeglasses (appx 40,000 glasses) and sincere thanks to Ethel Luzario and the 3000 Club for donating the warehouse and offering to store four pallets for our Lions club.

The 3000 Club and The Phoenix Asian American Lions club invites individuals and groups to volunteer and serve with us preparing these glasses for our missions. We meet at the 3000 Club every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 10am to 1pm (except for November and December because of other engagements. Go to for more information and our calendar. (Post & pics courtesy of Phoenix Asian American Lions Club)

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