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ALL ABOARD for Dinnertime Heroes at Ronald McDonald House

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Pediatric Cancer Awareness another humanitarian service of the Phoenix Phil-Am Lions. Today we cooked and served food to the patients and their families. Jocelyn Gallardo Sloan coordinated this project and definitely worthwhile.

We even learned how to bake the angel food pineapple cake thru the guidance of Patti Yanchik-Iannucci.

Auring Macaraeg signature Pancit was enjoyed. Everyone stepped up to do what needs to be done. We were all happy to Serve with love. BTW permission granted by families to have their pictures taken and aware of FB posting.

Photo and video credits to Joy Sloan, Carol Macaraeg and Macbeth Torno. Verbiage taken from Macbeth's Facebook post.


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