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First LEOS Meeting of the Year

These are the photos of the LEOS meeting at the PCC with Kelsey presiding the meeting with her mother overseeing and helping her out for the fundraising activities and mentioning the Cotillion being planned and chaired by Lion Amy Ballecer with her Committee members!! Leo Emma Ballecer, secretary wrote the minutes! They were able to wrap it up in an hour!! We brought Pizza( Mimi/ Nena / Debbie) McDonald’s fries and drinks brought by Cheryl!! Mimi brought Chips., fruits and salad too!! The problem is there was NO H20!’ Leo Adviser Debbie Villamor Job well done LEOS!!

From PP Nena: So fun to watch the Leos plan & “Get Done”. Their agenda for LY 2023-24 CONGRATS Leo Pres Kelsey & Pres Maddie, Leos Micheal, Nathan, Jacob, Maia, Sophia Alivia, Alli & d faithful Sec. Emma, working so diligently to catch up on noting the diff. Committee(d) Volunteers. Kudos to the advising Sister’s Lion 1st VPs Doc Mimi & Doc Cheryl for their total & inspiring supports (also that of the grand Ma PP Debbie & Leo Mom Miranda) on all the planned Leos’ activities to be announced soon …ROOAARR


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