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A ROARing Good Time at the Phoenix Phil-Am Installation & Induction

June 17, 2023 was the Induction and Installation of the Phoenix Phil-Am Lions and Leos members and officers. Attended by multiple dignitaries led by the Keynote Speaker Past International President Joe Preston with wife Joni. Also N Alan Lundgren, Richard Brown, Joyce Mayer, Marie Cunning, Farhana Shifa, Richard Garrizch, Jeannette Russell and Malie Gabriel. As promised it was Fun, with good Food enjoyed by Family & Friends. Congratulations to both the outgoing with Mack Macaraeg as Prez and incoming officers & members with Emma Rosales in command. For the Leos Kelsey and Maddie Ballecer as Presidents. Also kudos to the Melvin Jones Fellow Awardees Julie Bailey, Lina Ong, Emma & Maddie Ballecer. Eldon Condes and Leo Aromin duet was entertaining. Top 3 Lucky Raffle Winners were Bercenilla, Patti Iannucci, Jean Zubieta and TY for their giving back donations. Grateful to all our kind and generous supporters. (Shared by Social Media Co-Chair PP Macbeth Torno, thank you!)

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