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Kicking off the Phil-Am Lions Club - Year 2022-2023

What a TERRIFIC meeting to kick off the new year! Thank you to everyone in attendance and everyone not able to make it that sent their best wishes. Oh, and President Lion Mack and First Lady Lion Carol for the AMAZING mouth-watering dinner!

Special thanks to Leo Co-Presidents and Secretary for their presentation of the Brown Bag Project and future projects. We hope everyone was able to grab a bag or two to hand out water and a PowerBar/granola bar to the homeless. (Julie grabbed a couple and gave one out on the way to work just this morning. The gentleman that received it was very thankful.)

Don't forget to sign up for the MD21N Kick-off Event on July 30th in Sun City. Earlybird pricing is just $15 and ends 7/12. Registration form is pictured below and will be available on the website, shortly

We will also be holding a "Clean the Community Center" opportunity on Aug 19th (sign up at Aug 10th mtg). Look forward to sharing the whole calendar soon!

"Staying Together is Progress. Working Together to Serve is Success."

We Serve! ROARRRR!!!

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